Barista Training for Students, Fresh Coffee and snacks delivered to your Staff

School Ground Coffee is a delicious smelling,

caffeine providing, eyelid opening, smile inducing online coffee and snack service, prepared and delivered by students to school staff.

Offering Barista training and catering enterprise experience, preparing students for real world employment, School Ground Coffee is the scheme that benefits the whole school, and pays for itself.

Kate from The Sand Project worked with 10 of our students over 3 mornings a week making and delivering coffee to members of staff. Staff were very happy with the delivery service and over a period of 5 weeks enough money was made to justify the purchase of the machine so we could continue the venture ourselves.

However the greatest impact was upon the young people who Kate trained to use the coffee machine. One of our leavers has now based his transition choices on how confident he feels in operating the machine- he now wants to go on to work in a Cafe. He has promised to train me before he leaves. His self-confidence has been given a vital boost at this difficult time. It has also opened up a new world for a young lady that many may have previously seen as a difficult student. To see how quickly she learnt to operate the machine has helped change other’s perceptions of her and has aided her social skills in how she interacts with others. 

This has been a really positive step forward in building the profile of proper work experience for our young people. An experience we can provide in-house as a first step for more nervous students and a way for other students to see what work experience can look like. 

I would recommend it. 

Carol Noble

Sixth Form Curriculum Lead Teacher, Oak Grove College

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